Does coconut wax smell of coconut?

No, it doesn't smell of anything except the lovely scent you choose! 

Why have you chosen a natural wax blended with coconut wax?

Traditionally coconut wax has been overlooked as it is much more expensive than less sustainable alternatives such as soy. Coconut wax is clean burning, sustainable, GM free and delivers an amazing smell when lit and when cold. Ours is blended with rapeseed oil wax to further improve its qualities. 

Why is the first burn so important?

The first burn is important because the candle will normally follow that burn path through the rest of its life.  If you do not burn it long enough, it will tunnel and not burn effectively. Therefore follow the instructions for the first burn on the product page for your candle.

What is the maximum time I should burn my candle for?

Candles can get hot if burnt too long.  Our larger 220g candles should be burnt for a maximum of 4 hours each time.  Our smaller 60g candles should be burnt for a maximum of 2 hours.

Why do I need to trim the wick?

Trimming the wick will help the candle burn evenly.  You don't need special wick trimmers.  You can use your fingers to "nip off" the tip of our wicks or a pair of small scissors if you prefer.  Leave about 5mm.  Never trim a wick whilst a candle is lit.