Why is there a Spring in my step?

Spring in your step? We've woken up this morning and the sunlight is streaming through the curtains, the birds are chirping and it really feels like spring.

We LOVE winter but it does sometimes leave us  craving those carbs (double helping of stew, dumplings and mashed potato please here🙋‍♀️!) overeating, oversleeping and a feeling a little tired.

Why does it all change as soon as Spring is getting near?

One theory is that the change in seasons can influence our body’s melatonin and serotonin — natural substances that play a role in sleep timing and mood. When combined, these factors may lead to low mood and in some cases SAD often known as a kind of winter depression. We are not experts,  but for us, getting more light, exercise and eating well seems to really help.

So even though Spring doesn't officially start until 20 March, today our light box will not be on and we will be getting out in that lovely cold sunlight, with a bit of a Spring in our step! What about you?

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