Why essential oil candles instead of synthetic fragrance oil candles?

At Sieluni, we try to be as natural as we can and that is why we have chosen to use essential oils  in our candles instead or synthetic fragrance oils.

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants through distillation using steam and water or cold pressing. The oils capture the plant's scent or “essence.”

Historically, essential oils have been known for their wellbeing properties. Care should be taken if you are pregnant.

Synthetic fragrance oils are manmade and just that, "synthetic".

The aroma produced from essential oils is more subtle than the aroma from a candle perfumed with synthetic fragrance oils. Some people also complain of headaches or chest irritations when they use candles scented with synthetic fragrance oils.  Once you have started using essential oil candles, you are unlikely to go back!

Our candles are also made with sustainable natural wax. They are long-burning, clean burning and hand-poured by the sea in Lytham St Anne’s in small batches so every candle get’s that special attention it deserves.

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