Giving can be good for you!

Remember being told as a child "we don't give to get!" Or maybe that was just me! Did you know the act of giving can apparently be beneficial to your well-being?


Most people will agree the act of giving to others is a good idea. It shows support, kindness and empathy for other people around us. But when you give more to others, it will have a direct positive effect on your mental wellbeing.  Sometimes people think of wellbeing in relation to what they have –However, the way we think and the things we do have a great impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Apparently, it has been identified that giving can:

  • Make you feel happier.
  • Be good for your health.
  • Promote social cooperation and connection.

It doesn't need to be "stuff" that you are giving. It can be your time or attention too.

So why not grab a bit of that fuzzy feel good feeling and give someone you haven't spoken to in a while a call?