Get some some sleep!

So yesterday was World Sleep Day. Do you love sleep as much as we do? We don't always get as much as we should though. So we've had a little peak at our sleep hygiene.....What is it and how can we make it better?

‘Sleep hygiene’ is just the term used to describe good sleep habits.

Considerable research has gone into developing tips which are designed to enhance good sleeping, and there is evidence to suggest that these strategies can help us get better sleep.

Here are some of the top sleep hygiene tips we have found:

1. Get regular sleep (obvs!).
2. Sleep when sleepy- don't miss that sleep window!
3. Avoid / cut down on caffeine and alcohol - timing is everything though!
4. No naps - this is a blow as we like the odd "Nanna Nap".
5. Sleep rituals - for us it's, warm bath with our Calm Me candle, book then lights out.
6. Have a bath- done!
7. Use a sleep diary - good for tracking why some issues are happening.
8. Exercise - we always sleep better after a good run or some yoga.
9. Keep it dark - it helps the correct hormones arrive.
10. Keep it cool - apparently your room needs to be cooler than you think, around 18.5 C.

Time for a snooze.......but not a nap!